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We SOURCE and CATER for YOU, whatever YOUR NEED might be. Whether in the boundaries of South Africa or across the waters, we will entertain your need. –

The Source-it services offer the following solutions:

Place free personal or business ads on our classifieds platform. Whether to buy, sell or exchange personal items, whether in search of a partner or looking for lost friends and family or pets, etc.

Discounts & Promotional Freebies available. Browse through potential Discounts & Promotional Freebies (DPF) and get awesome deals. Source-it it will continuously try and offer you our valued browsers and client's awesome discount and awesome freebies.

Quotation request for products or quotes. Source-it offers you a free avenue for finding that quote or product you may be in need of or can't find. From a valuation to sell your house, a new driveway, the best deal on electronic goods, a set of golf clubs, the cheapest ticket to Mexico, or a needle in a haystack, Source-it has the answer. If Source-it can't find it, then it most likely does not exist. We save you time, money but most of all frustrations and putting you first.

Forum discussions. Have your say about anything. Start any topic of discussions. Load photos, video or music clips and interact with members and invite friends to participate. Membership is for free. We here at Source-it believe in true freedom of speech and that every person has the right to his/her own opinion. Therefor, any topics or views may be discussed or expressed on our forum.

Charity support - Adopt or promote a charity on Source-it whom assist charities who are in need of funding by providing a platform to showcase their cause. Choose a charity or recommend a charity to be listed. Only charities that are registered or recognized charities will be listed on our website.

Promote your business, club or organization at a minimal cost. We offers businesses and advertisers a unique platform not only on our site but also via Facebook, Twitter and other online mediums. Not only do we offer you a cost effective advertising platform to increase your business revenue, but will also provide you with leads as the request for quotes are coming through. We can also assist with market research via a survey platform either directly or indirectly. This will give a clear indication of the way forward in optimizing your business profitability and to expand your current market footprint.

Access Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Google, You Tube, Radio, etc. via Source-it. We integrate major social media networks wherever possible.

It's imperative that Source-it caters not only for South Africa with free quotations, services such as classifieds to buy, sell and exchange, discussion forum, corporate advertising, charities, etc. but also the whole world in whatever they might need. Please advise and notify us of any ideas that you might have that might assist you or better your needs.